At Herzo1963, 1965 and again 1968 to 1970

That was so much fun seeing the old place.  I grew up there.(Two tours)  My Dad is Richard Barr....my Mom was Bev.   We moved from Devens the first time and moved into the row of places facing the tennis courts. (They used to fill it with water in the winter so we could ice skate. My sister lost her front tooth there  Then we lived in the duplex next to the dispensary in front of the play ground. 

Wow did I have fun getting into trouble all over that whole base. We spent all our time riding bikes, or hanging out at the AYA.   We felt so safe there and so sure that if we did something someone would see it and call my Dad before we even came  home. A bunch of us use to play behind the dirt hills of the rifle range!  Can you believe that?  We would climb up the old guard tower at the back of the base on a dare. Played football on the grass behind the library until the lights came on. Riding our sleds down the steep road behind the library all the way down. (Lost part of a tooth there).  Trying to get indoors before the flag would go down so we didn't have to stand and face the front gate while they took down the flag.  Or racing to get to the gate to watch that same flag go down and be folded.  Do you remember the sign at the front gate with the mirror?  Checking if you looked like enough of a solider to go off base. 

 What a great feeling watching the parade on what was that Fridays?  The music,all the soldiers marching so smartly.  And watching for our Dad and yelling and screaming "Daddy" as he went by, even when he had told us not to.  We were provably hanging upside down on the pipe railing by the sidewalk at the time, with our dresses around our heads.

 One of the best memoir is the time we as a family went to the movies on base at night.  The whole place was packed with soldiers and their families.  My little sister was in a snit about something and didn't want to do what my dad wanted her to.  She was maybe 3 or 4 years old at the time.  So imagine my dad, the 2nd in command  standing in the isle trying to talk to his kid and she screams at the top of her lungs "You are not the boss of me".It got so quite then you heard giggles and then my dad laughed so hard.  We had thought she was going to be dead meat.  It still makes me smile.

There are also sad memories.  We were there when President Kennedy was killed.  The day before my birthday. I'll never forget the faces of all the soldiers.  We had to wear our dog tags for a few weeks.  No one knew what would happen next.  But mostly it was the best years of my life.  Such freedom.

Over 20 years ago my husband and I took my two little girls to see where Mom grew up.  It was a little less in shape.  My sister told me that they tore it down a while ago.  Sad.   Well I hoped you weren't to bored hearing about Herzo from a kids point of view.

                                                                                                                   Deborah Barr Denton

A Special Thanks to Deborah Barr Denton for sending this so I could share with everyone.

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