Herzo photo directory page.
On this page is a listing of  Photos of Devens, Herzo Base & Herzo Town sent in for all to see.  As I now have many pages I thought best to add this directory page. Any one that would like add a 318th ASA Bn. Herzo Base photo PLEASE send it to me and I will try and post as soon as I can. I would like to keep mostly for our era of the 1960's. Send email.



circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1960's

Main Gate, Ops, Motor Pool, Mess Hall,  Theater, Mail Room and Chapel
New page added - 3 pages!


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1964

Two pages from 1964 & 1968, these are a must see..!!!


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1964-65 simple_new_blue.gif  anired10_next.gif

   Herzo Base Photos 64-65 from Joe Purcell


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1968

Photos (318th/16ASAFS) 8 photos. 


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1968

   Photos  Herzo Base Co. "A"


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1970

  Herzo Base Photos 1970 good memories for all to see!


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1970   

   Read about Herzo's CSM Ridderbuschs 1970!!  Click Here  Note: You will be leaving
  Herzo63 website



circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1980

Herzo Base Photos 1980 (Herzo Artillery Base) 8 photos


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 2001

Herzo Base Photos  2001  A must see page


circle05_blue.gif  Parade -Main Gate

Herzo Main Gate & Parade 2002  (Return visit to Herzo 2002)


circle05_blue.gif  Visit Herzo May, 2005

   Wes Brockway's Visit to Herzo 16 May 22, 2005 ... 2 pages


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Visit May ,2005

   Two pages Bill Shade's Visit to Herzo May 12, 2005  


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Base 1969-70

    Pass in review - Fox's Birthday


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Visit June 2006

    John Stevenson's Visit to Herzo June 2006  


circle05_blue.gif  Herzo Visit June 2008

    Ralp Bair's Visit to Herzo June 2008

  A Special Thanks to ALL  for sharing Herzo Base photos with us.!!


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