Herzo Base Enter Main Gate 1970

 Herzo Base Exit Main Gate 1970

 Barracks room, sparsely furnished..

 Outside Co A HQ where guys are tossing a frisbee.

Helicopter pad and an unknown building beyond

EM club. the small wooden sign in the forground says
"Fire Hydrant, No Parking 2 meters"

        Co A HQ, Robert Hostetler, a supply Sgt. He's the one on the
        right with paper sticking out of his pocket. The 1st Sgt is with
        the book, with the company clerk looking over his shoulder


Sign to Herzogenaurch

318th ASA 21/2 ton 1970-71

318th  Jeep Radio 1970-71

318th ASA Signal Maint 1971
Another view from 318th ASA Signal Maint

318th ASA Track 1970-71

Inside 318th ASA Track 1970-71

Ant field view from track hatch 1970-71

318th ASA signal maint. 1970-71

These photos are courtesy of  Steve Allman who arrived at Herzo in August 1970, assigned to HHC, 318th USASA Bn. (31J20, teletype repairman). After one month  was re-assigned to the 318th Co. A at Herzo Base. We ALL Thank You  Steve for sharing these memories. You can  e-mail Steve at steve.allman@charter.net

"On May 3, 1971 we were re-organized into the 2nd USASA Co (EW). On June 15, 1971 we moved all our vehicles and equipment to Augsburg....... "



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