Looking back toward Main Gate.
Gym/bowling alley on right side.
Service Club on second floor.
Snack Bar on first floor.

16 ASAFS Co. "B" left & Co. "A" right 
Note: They had a ASA Crest on the sign!
Front lawn of 318th Hq. Company.
"Fox" crest is just visible on sign at far left.

I think we ALL know what this is....

Some former Herzo Basers 1968

Front left to right......?.... &.. George Donel 
back left to right..Jim Kirby..Roger Brin & ?
Front Cover of ASSAY, this was the 
literary magazine formed from a book
discussion group that met at the library.

These photos are courtesy of Jim Rooks who was at Herzo Base 1968 when it was the 16th ASAFS with the 318th ASA  having a small part at the base at that time. We ALL Thank You Jim for sharing these memories. You can  e-mail Jim at jim.rooks@atlahq.org

" When I was at Herzo the318thwas definitely there, but with kind of a skeleton crew. The concept was that, in an emergency, the 16th would "fill in" the battalion and motor off to war. One time we tried this .......we drove around the antenna field as the 318th and back in the side gate and morphed back into the 16th."



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