Ralph Bair's Visit June 2008


"......The old main gate has been removed, but one of the Herzogenaurach city officials told me the gate is in storage, and will likely be reconstructed in the future as some type of monument / remembrance of Herzo-Base......."  
                                                                                                                 Ralph Bair, June 2008


Herzo Fish Bowl 2008

Herzo Fish Bowl Construction 2008



 Herzo New Housing 2008

 Herzo Old Main Gate Location 2008



 Ramada Hotel 2008

Note: This photo from John Stevenson's trip 2006
added to show Ramada sign.

 New Herzo Map 2008

 These photos and text are courtesy of Ralph Bair, dental officer at Herzo-Base from September of 1977 until July of 1980, serving most of his time with Maj. Joseph Pawlusiak, Rowland Hannon was OIC of the Herzo Joint Unit Aid Station during his tour
"....On the new map, the location of the old main gate is just past where Olympiaring leaves the main yellow road that leads to the Adidas World of Sports. There is currently major construction taking place immediately adjacent the Fish Bowl, but I did not find out what it is to be. The Ramada hotel is complete, and can be seen in the background of the image of the old main gate area. The road to the hotel (branching to the left off from Olympiaring) is complete, although it does not show as complete on the new map. The new housing pictured is being built at the end of Olympiaring. If one looks carefully at the lower left of the Fish Bowl construction picture, a foundation remnant of the old gate or the old Headquarters building can be seen. The old perimeter fence, although not visible on the image, is still intact deeper in the trees on the left side of the construction picture. Yes, the buildings are gone, and I think many of us who served at Herzo-Base feel a some degree of loss, because most of the physical is no longer present, to help us remember the time we spent in Herzogenaurach...."
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