Visit May 2005


Some things stay the same, most things eventually change.
The really old does not change.



Downtown Herzogenaurach – except for the types and names of the stores, little has  changed since we were there 40 years ago. Lack of cars and people is due to our visit being on May 16th, Whit Montag – a national holiday.


Some not so old things change a little!


 The mid-60’s cafeteria or was it the gym?

 The barracks from the road outside the base.


But even in a 1000 year old city, and a 70 year old base, there is CHANGE:


The landmark Herzo Base Gate is gone
– shed a tear here.!!It used to be at the end of the tree line that crossed from Left to right in the middle of the photo.

Most of the other buildings are gone also. The base is divided into two sections now with an iron fence between them. Behind the trees, the “fish bowl” Officer’s quarters is still there. The cafeteria/gym is there also. the old barracks have been totally renovated and are now part of a shoe factory/offices



 But the Biggest change of all......
.....is under construction!!

If your German is still good, check the Web site.




   This is roughly the area where the EM club was with the antennae field behind it. Now, houses and other    buildings under construction and cranes where the antenna were is all that is there.


   Oh, yeah, the old non-com quarters have been given
   a face lift and are in use


      And, the Grauer Kater, a favorite when we were
      there, is now a Greek Restaurant.


 These photos and text are courtesy of  Wes Brockway, Herzo Base Sep. 1965 – Sep. 1968
 (SP6 – 98G CK  working as a 98C)  Visit to Herzo – 16 May 22, 2005

 You can contact Wes at




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