Bill Shade's Visit May 2005
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"....During our recent travels to Germany we stopped for lunch in Herzogenaurach. Herzo Base is no more. At one end of
the old post is a McDonald's. There also is a shopping mall for Addidas, Puma, Nike and more.

We drove through what once was the front gate area. The Headquarters building, post commander's and battalion commander's houses are gone, as are all the row houses and other buildings. The cliff dwelling still is there, refurbished. There is an Addidas (or Puma, I forget) factory on post, many areas are fenced off, and we could identify some of the old motor pool buildings. There's a lot of construction in progress. The steel trees golf course also is gone......"

                                                                                                                                                 Bill Shade


 Sign at new Autobahn exit for "Herzo Base" 360

Outlet Center



Rainbow Room

 Front gate no more



 Officers quarters

Parade field



 Where is the "O" club?




 S-4 or Operations

MP-Hq. Co.

  These photos and text are courtesy of Major Bill Shade who was the 318th Commander 1969-70.
  LT.Col Ret.
Bill Shade made a visit to Herzo May 12, 2005 - you can email  wlshade@cyberwind.net


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