This page "Foxy's Facts"in time I hope will have info that has been sent to me that I can share with all about Herzo "Then & Now". Anything that seems to be interesting to share I will add to this page, so if you have a interesting Herzo "Fact" please e-mail it to me....

Did you know..?
 The first Unit to occupy Herzo Base was a U.S. Transportation Unit. This unit was followed by a detachment of the 64th U.S. Fighter Wing. The detachment left in May 1946 and the 2nd Radio Corps moved in. The base became the 6th Field Station (6th FS) in 1947, and in 1957 the 318th arrived at Herzo.
Dated: May 29,1964
Foxy's Feats Article

 The last members of the US-Army left Herzo-Base in 1996. The whole area was taken over by Adidas, one of the famous companies for sportsware. I think tou know this company, I do not know the the purchase price. All hangers  except for 2 have been torn down.

In the meantime a few companies have settles down on this field having lease contract with Adidas.  These contracts got now terminated by Adidas to the end of the year 2002.

Adidas is going to build up a giantic sport center there, called "World of Sports". Also the Adidas administration for its worldwide operations and the production halls, altogether 2700 employees, will be located there one day.

In the meantime a few companies have settles down on this field having lease contract with Adidas. These contracts got now terminated by Adidas to the end of the year 2002.

 Under construction is presently the building for the canteen which will produce after  completion more then 700 meals a day. The new and old  buildings will be connected to each other and will form one giantic building area. Also a golf course, sport field and halls and a swimming pool will be integrated. All construction activities are said to be completed in the year 2007.

   Manfred.....31 May 1999

A little history from Gene who re-enlisted in May 1947, as ASA which had the second highest priority for personnel, only the White Sands Proving Grounds had a higher priority.

Took test for Crypt school and passed but then since school was full went into Morse training. Now ...Herzo was still building manpower so several were pulled out of schoo and shipped  over to Herzo Base..

Gene points out that he was assigned to the 2nd Radio Squadron Mobile-an Army Air Force unit, plus the 52nd and 114th.? were also at Herzo Base then. Later the 2nd Radio Squadron Mobile became  the 6th Det. then FS8606 AAU.

Gene...... May 31, 1999

 I was at Herzo a short time, from 12/68 to about 06/69 when all 05Gs were sent to the ASA Security Co., Augsburg to consolidate all the COMSEC personnel and resources in Germany.
   Ron D. Bowman ...July 10, 1999

Have only recently found the ASA sites on and have been reading them with great interest.  I finished  high speed morse radio school at Fort Monmouth in 11-46 and sent to Germany in 1/47. I then travelled through replacement depots and was assigned to ASA in Frankfurt and then sent to Herzo Base where we were assigned to 2nd Radio Squadron Mobile.  We had some refresher courses  in code and then learned to set up DF equipment.

Then with time on our hands was put in charge of DP's who were repairing an old building  which was to become the radio school there.  Learned to patch plaster (this was in dead of winter) and later helped signal people wiring he switchboards and positions in the school.

   Walt Richards ....July 15, 1999
Amateur radio call here is K6WNR if anyone is interested.

Hello, Ray: Just getting around to checking out ASA sites.  It saddens me to see such a skip in coverage between the years of 1947 and 1954.  And I guess, if my memory does not fail me, I might be able to provide some bit of input to those years.  But once I start thinking about them, I come up with more questions than facts, it seems. 

At any rate, I arrived at Herzo in November 1948 assigned to the 114th SSC.  In late 1949 I was further assigned to Detachment A at Rothwesten.  We completely closed operations at Rothwesten in March 1951 and move back to Herzo where we were combined with a detachment from the 116th SSC to reform the 114th SSC.  Shortly after this formation, we went to Coburg, then to Baumholder, ending up on the Weinsberg aerodrome near Heilbronn.  We moved into an empty kaserne there some time a little before October 1951.  That is 
when I left the unit and the ASA. 

I learned later that the 114th SSC had been redesignated the 331st CRC while the 116th at Scheyern became the 332nd. This highlights my association with the 114th/331st, Ray.  With some prodence, I may recollect more, if I put my mind to it. 

 Bill Kelly
Huntsville, AL...Aug. 1, 2000

 I thougth you might like to add the attached article about my dad to your website. He is celebrating his 80th next month.I am his son, and my wife and I are going to visit Herzo in two weeks.  
   Ron Ridderbusch...October 17, 2010
Note: Ron's Dad was CSM at Herzo 1970  anired10_next.gif   Click here

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