318th ASA History


On 15 Oct 1957, the 302nd ASA Bn was inactivated in Herzogenaurach. The Bn's personnel and mission were transferred to the concurrently organized 318th USASA Bn, a tables of distribution and allowances (TDA) unit.

At the same, the 183rd USASA Company was formed. It held the Operators and T/A's from other units around Germany, including from the 339th ASA Co. Initially, the main operations (intercept) work at Herzo was done by the 6th USASA Field Station. But, it appears that in March 1959, 6th USASA Fld Sta merged into the 183rd ASA Co, 318th ASA Bn.

Personnel and mission of Detachment L, 180th USASA Co at Nottau near the Czech/Austrian, were transferred to the 318th USASA Bn in April or May of 1958. The unit became Detachment K-2, Co A, 318th USASA Bn.

On 15 May 1960, the 182nd USASA Co was relieved from assignment to the 319th USASA Bn and reassigned to the 318th.

Det A, B Co, 318th in Göppingen provided COMSEC support to 4th Armd Div.
Det B, B Co, 318th in Würzburg provided COMSEC support to 3rd Inf Div.

In addition to manning Herzo Base, the 318th also maintained several outstations at Schneeberg (Det J-1), Mähring (Det L-1) and Hoherbogen (Det K).

In the early 1960's, a detachment of the 279th ASA Company, with HQs in Frankfurt, was located at Schneeberg. That detachment was transferred to the 318th USASA Bn and redesignated as Det J-1 of HQ/HQ and Svc Company, 318th ASA Bn. The detachment operated a fixed field site using the AN/ALR-8 and the AN/TLR-1.

In the latter years, the Battalion was designed to keep all of the tactical equipment and during hostilities, get personnel from the Field Station at Herzo as fillers. The battalion would exercise this aspect several times a year.

The 318th ASA Bn was discontinued on 3 May 1971 as a result of an effort to centralize ASA operations in Germany at a new station at Augsburg, Germany. When Field Station Herzogenaurach was discontinued on 30 June 1972, it also marked the end of ASA's presence at Herzo Base. Herzo Base was turned over to a US artillery unit and subsequently became known as Herzo Arty Base.

A special thank you to Walter Elkins, webmaster for US Army in Germany for his permission to add this info.



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