182nd Group photo

182nd "A" Trick 1963

Bottom Row  left to right: 

Gregory Duffy
Norm Rollins
*David Laden
*Rindall Dunston
*Kurt Zander
"Zippy" Snyder

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Middle Row left to right:

Ashfield Bozarth
Jim Welch
Jim Brinkman
John Lyons
Damon Rockett
Fred Campbell
Bill Floto
John Morrow

Top Row left to right:

Dick Maurer
Larry Slocum
Tom Clark
Carl Hardy
Daney Herzog
Tom Tompson
Bill Heyer
Dick Clemets
Bob Chessnoff

182nd Group Photo and names provided by SP/5 Rindall Dunston 

Part of a letter from David Laden Sept. 18,2000
  "It sure is a shock to see oneself up on the web (I am David Laden, front row, 3d from left.)      
A note about the picture: I believe it was taken by Dick Maurer (top row, left) with his fancy   
Mayima twin reflex camera (that he spent a fortune on) using a timer.  You can see that people
are staring strangely in all directions.  No, this is not proof positive that we were all maniacs --
he just didn't want people to stare directly at the camera and have the flash reflected  into the
 lens. Naturally, I ignored him and I can remember that he was really pissed off at me. If it's    
any comfort to him, my kids have returned the favor many times over. "                                
David Laden 

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